The New Right Network hosted me for its Environment Town Hall. Watch the Video.

Few associate environmental action with the American political right. Many think that community doesn’t care about clean air, water, and land.

I don’t buy it. I think they care as much as anyone. How they act is another story, but I see almost no one on the American political left acting any more.

I believe politics has made a wedge issue out of something everyone cares about, leading one side to smugly say they’re right while not acting, while the other says, “you’re telling us what to do buy you aren’t doing it yourselves,” so nobody acts and everyone feels self-righteous.

Rob Harper and I have been recording conversations regularly on the lockdown, which leads us to talk about politics around the environment. Before then, I appeared on his show on Magamedia and he appeared on my podcast. Rob also works with the New Right Network. He invited me to participate in a Town Hall with them and I accepted.

We recorded earlier today. Here is the video:

I believe people on the right care and want to act. I define leadership as I teach and practice it as helping people do what they want but haven’t figured out how.

I dream of American cities competing with each other to clean themselves most, majority lef versus majority right. I dream of the right organizing more effectively and cleaning the environment more than anyone expected, acting on values of stewardship, purity, patriotism, honor, and other values they tend to practice more.

If the left objects to the right’s acting more effectively, they can learn from them and act more effectively. We could use the friendly competition.

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