The Perfect (helpful) Storm

Here is an email I’m sending tomorrow, relevant to people who care about Leadership and the Environment:

Hello friends, family, and people I’ve worked with this year​,

I’m writing you who have seen my passion evolve in 2017 from launching my book to launching my podcast, Leadership and the Environment.​ Please listen if you haven’t, especially Episode Zero, which gives its back story. But first read on.

The podcast goal and my great passion is to help people change how they see acting on the environment from sacrifice and lonely to rewarding and part of a large, growing community. I’m interviewing influential people like TED speakers with 40 million views (like Dan Pink), #1 bestselling authors (like Marshall Goldsmith), a Pulitzer Prize winner (Elizabeth Kolbert), a paralympic gold medalist athlete (Tanner Gers), and more.

Today is my podcast’s perfect (helpful) storm: 1) it just launched, 2) iTunes approved it, and 3) Forbes is posting a big profile on me by Cheryl Snapp Conner, whose articles have had 10+ million hits.

This perfect storm means the one best chance for Leadership and the Environment to make iTunes’ “New and Noteworthy.” I’m writing because this chance won’t come again and it’s all about helping people enjoy cleaning the air, water, and land we share.

Would you help by reviewing and subscribing to it on iTunes TODAY? Even if you don’t normally review, it takes a few minutes, you can do it anonymously, and it helps people help the environment. Here is a video how:

How to Review a Podcast on iTunes
If you can’t today, then the sooner the better. The more reviews and subscriptions, the more attention, which means more community and people enjoying living by their values acting on the environment. You can help begin a movement whose time has come.

Would you please help Leadership and the Environment make iTunes‘ “New and Noteworthy” by reviewing and subscribing to it on iTunes?​

Step by step:

  1. Click any link in this email
  2. Open iTunes from your browser
  3. Click “Ratings and Reviews”
  4. Click “Write a Review”
  5. Feel great about helping people live better by their values!

Thank you!


P.S. I review every podcast I’ve been on so I’ve built up karma, though this is about people and the environment.

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