Want to run leaner? Waste less. Literally: produce less waste.

The videos below aren’t glamorous. They’re about trash—regular household trash.
Our world is swimming in garbage. The business world is obsessed with reducing waste and improving efficiency, but only for what it accounts for, which rarely includes actual physical waste, which taxpayers pay for carting away to landfills, where it slowly seeps out to the ecosphere.
Most of us wish businesses were held accountable for other forms of waste, like pollution.
How about you and your personal waste? Do you hold yourself accountable for your waste?
Most people, when asked to account for their waste—how much they pollute—point out how others pollute more or something to deflect exposing how much they pollute.
People also confuse caring about pollution with caring about trees or abstract ideals.
I care about how my behavior affects other people. That’s anything but abstract. That’s empathy and compassion, in my view.
So I prefer to hold myself accountable. I made his video to hold myself accountable for my trash. I hope it motivates others to pollute less. I’ve found the more I care about hurting others with pollution, the more delicious and healthy my diet, the less hectic my life, and things like that.
The more I reduce waste, the more remaining waste I find left to reduce, the more I improve my life, and the more I look at more stuff as risking worsening my life.

For the record, I recorded that video January 27, almost two months ago. I haven’t yet filled the canvas bag, though it’s almost full. I also had someone staying with me for a month of that time, so there’s an extra man-month of garbage in there.
Here’s a quick follow-up, post emptying the bag.

See you when I have to empty the bag again.

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